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the initiative

freilich is a platform which I created together with Daniela Baumann and Elena Bauer. freilich rises awareness and appreciation for sustainable food consumption and local and seasonal food production. The project creates the opportunity to interact with people by tackling an up to date issue.
On a website we link already existing projects and organizations and share our progress, projects and experiences.



vegetables communal dinner

urban gardening

Building an urban garden together with others formed a community of people who care for the growing plants. This „caring and sharing“ approach rised awareness for the origin of our food and the corelating work necessary to make it available for us – cheap and ready at the supermarket.






what we did

The vegetables were used for communal dinners together with others who share the interest, to create a setting for discussion and communication. We communicated via various media, for example posters pointing out and promoting the temporary seasonal vegetables. We organised a farmer‘s market selling „ugly fruits“ which can‘t be sold in supermarkets due to economic regulations. Similar other events and workshops reached a variety of people in and around Munich and offered an alternative perspective on everyday food.


communal dinner

the website

freilich emerged as a platform for people who are interested in regional food production and consumption. Take a look at


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