interactive data visualization

what is visualized

The visualisation shows the ups and downs of a diabetic patient's day as an interactive app for tablet and screen.
I programmed it with Java Script using a SVG library, thus it is fully scalable for all kinds of screen sizes. It works on desktop computers and touch devices.


demo on imac

blood sugar level

This makes it possible for a diabetic to immediatly read the recent tendency of her blood sugar level. The first view shows one specific day, the second view shows the past week, the third view shows all data from a weekday.


demo on display gif


The navigation shows the amount of time with too high or too low sugar level. Depending on the display modus data from different days is visualized in the navigation bar.


interface navigation


The visualisation gives the patient the possibility to counteract oversupply or undersupply of the brain in time, thus to prevent heavy brain damage.


insulin pump