Make what you use

construction with locally sourced materials, pallet wood, plastic bottles, inner tube, cow poo, sugar, kombucha

Make what you need

Weaving with bamboo

Philosopher André Gorz says: "we must produce what we consume and consume what we produce“. Thereby, the act of "making" plays a big role in understanding material relations and technologies that facilitate our lives. A simple act of creation can already lead to a deeper understanding of the impact our actions have on the environment and the planet.

chairs 2
How can we tackle the issue of overconsumption and resulting global overproduction, irresponsible waste of resources and unsustainable products?
I created a fictional network of makers that connect and exchange knowledge in order to facilitate large-scale "making" as a base for large-scale change.
enzo mari workshop

Producing usable gas from waste.

kombucha starter and drink
Kombucha Lollipops
Kombucha samples and tests


Kombucha from sugar and tea.

instructions how to make kombucha