In times of Covid eat crème de citron

residency in a squat in Pantin
in collaboration wit Coline Declef, Pantin, 2021

(digitally) on show at the exhibition Moving in Stasis organised by master graduates of the Design Academy Eindhoven at the Nieuw Institute, Rotterdam, 2021.

bamboo, metal wire
Domaine de Boisbuchet, France


The rocket stove mass heater is constructed from materials sourced within a 50m radius.


This collaboration originated from a shared methodology, an urge to become active again, and the dilemma of being a young design graduate in times of Covid.

Working with the Laboratoire Ecologique ØDéchet (LEØ) we had access to materials, a physical and a mental space to work. We built a rocket stove which is used for both cooking and heating, exclusively from elements found on site. We provide open-source technical plans of the stove to make it understandable by all. This CERFA, a French administrative document to record testimony in legal cases, is a witness of our residency at LEØ.