Introduction to fungi

Mycelium Material Workshops
since 2017
Budapest, Munich, Paris, Rotterdam

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bamboo, metal wire
Domaine de Boisbuchet, France

Educational workshop format 

Weaving with bamboo

After having integrated living organisms in my designs for more than two years, I saw the need to create tools, that enable people to actually reproduce my proposals. I thereby want to take these projects one step further, from being mere concepts to making them realistic applications.

During a residency at Kitchen Budapest I created an educational platform, providing the necessary information to understand and reproduce my design projects. This platform is about making a shift of mind, leading to a greater awareness towards fungi-related approaches.

mycelium material jewelery
mycelium mushroom material panel
mycelium texture
Fungi have properties that can tackle issues in various fields. For example, they can be used as a means for environmental remediation, as sustainable material alternatives or waste decomposers.
The structure was created on the grounds of the Domaine de Boisbuchet. Initially thought for small scale woven objects made of Rattan, I applied the technique to locally harvested bamboo. Thereby I was able to create big triaxial objects on an architectural scale. Out of several hundred meters of bamboo, I weaved a structure of more than 3 meters height, to create an outdoor space to sleep under the stars.




The platform aims to enable non-professionals, to start working with fungi. I address designers, artists, architects, engineers, farmers, biologists and non-professionals with an interest in mycology, sustainable material alternatives, waste recycling or restoring contaminated environments.

Watch the full workshop here.

I created a zine, containing a detailed step-by-step guide to mushroom cultivation. All content is based on publications, professional research and personal experience from my past years of working with fungi.